Welcome to Accu-Products® the home of the best Jugs in the business.  Innovative products that make life less complicated.  If you ever have to pour or mix fluids you will appreciate the convenience, accuracy and cleanliness of Accu-Products®.

Accu-Mix – A unique and patented product designed to accurately mix gasoline and oil for 2-cycle engines. Unique because it allows mixing of 8 common pre-mix ratios without using any type of messy or hard-to-read auxiliary measuring devices. Accu-Mix is a self-contained, 3-compartment measuring and mixing bottle which not only assures consistent accuracy or your pre-mix but also allows the mixing of 10 different quantities, eliminating the mixing of excess amounts of pre-mix.

Accu-Flo™ - A smart spout for pouring oil in places which previously could be reached only by oily, dirty funnels. Smart because it has a check ball that starts and stops oil flow with a twist of the wrist. Also, the spout has an O-ring seal against the oil bottle and a screw-cap tip for an air-and-oil-tight seal. Accu-Flo is great for BMWs and other fine equipment with hard-to-reach filler openings.



Accu-Mix™ jugs are the best way to mix two fluids in specific ratios such as Gas and oil for a two stroke.  


There are other ways, but they are more error prone, less accurate and messy. 

Accu-Flo™ is just the neatest way to pour oil or other fluids without spill or mess. 


 Ideal for those hard to get to openings on your car or motorcysle or personal watercraft.




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