A smart spout for pouring oil in places which previously could be reached only by oily, dirty funnels. Smart because it has a check ball that starts and stops oil flow with a twist of the wrist. 


The spout has an O-ring seal against the oil bottle and a screw-cap tip for an air-and-oil-tight seal. 


Accu-Flo is great for BMWs and other fine equipment with hard-to-reach filler opening

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Only $2.95 (U.S)

Life should be so easy

  • A twist of the wrist to start and stop oil flow
  • Steel ball moving on and off its seat stops and starts oil flow

    Bubble down……………….oil flows

    Bubble up…………………..oil stops

  • Angled seat and gravity make the spout work effectively
  • Fits all brands of oil containers
  • O-ring assures leak-proof seal with oil container
  • Pour with no spill - keep oil where it belongs
  • Eliminates the need for funnels
  • Two tip sizes - for large and small filler openings
  • Excellent for hard to reach places - spout extends bottle opening
  • Dealer inquiries welcome
  • Worldwide Patents pending



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Dealer inquiries welcome

Patented in the U.S

World wide patents pending






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